Headband-collar – steel gray



Headband-collar – steel gray

Headband-collar – steel gray is made of high quality fur. It does not only look great, but also perfectly protects neck and ears during windy and frosty days. It can be worn as a collar tied under the neck or as a headband tied at the back of the head, it can also be used as an add to the hood.

From the inside, it is finished with a lining. The length of the headband is 55 cm, width 6 cm (to the dimensions of the lining should be added a few cm of fur). The length of the leather strap with a pompon approx. 23 cm.

Headband-collar available in many colors: silver, “raccon dog”, white, black, navy blue, pink, red… Thanks to this, it matches different styles. Headband-collar made of natural fur, allows you to take care of the right body temperature during cold days. It effectively protects the head and ears, without causing excessive pressure on the skin and hair and it keeps them in good condition. It is made of the highest quality natural fur – light, delicate, pleasent to touch and very warm.

Soft, warm and delicate, womens’ headbands proposed by the brand Luka Pelli are definitely a must-have of this season for women who care about their own comfort, but do not want to give up the stylish look. Their universal sizes allow to use women’s headbands not only as an accessory protecting the head, but if necessary also in the function of the collar covering the neck. They can also be attached to the back of the head or used as an add to the hood during windy days. We offer fashionable and elegant accessories Luka-pelli made of natural leather with addition of fox, lama or rabbit fur. Practical post bags and elegant handbags. The abundance of patterns and colors will make everyone finds something for everyone and for every occasion. If you value comfort, original and fashionable look, our leather handbags are perfect for you. They will become the best complement to any fashionable styling!