LISEK Leather Women’s winter Aviator Hat


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LISEK Leather Women’s winter Aviator Hat

LISEK aviator hat with fox or raccoon fur, head of the hat made of grain leather in black color. It resembles an aviator hat in appearance, because it can be worn in several ways – there’s a possibility of tying the straps at the back, raising the ears of the hat up. The adjustment in the form of a cord on the back of the hat, the interior lined with a delicate, insulated lining. The skin is impregnated to protect the hat from moisture. A timeless design of the hat makes it possible to wear the hat regardless of age. The hat is very warm, perfect for cold, winter days. Beautiful, soft and thick fur in fashionable colors.

Neatly finished. Perfect in every detail.

All products are entirely hand-made, some are hand-sewn, while the majority is a combination of machine and hand sewing.

Available in various sizes and color combinations. A hat sewn in our sewing studio.

LISEK aviator hat is one of many of Luka-Pelli’s proposals made only from high quality leather and natural fur. We offer you a wide range of women’s and men’s fur hats. Headwear in the style of: coonskin HAT, ushanka-hat, aviator hat, papakha hat and beautiful, rich in fur roller hats, hats made of fox or rabbit fur. In the gallery, we present dozens of models of leather hats among the ones which sell the most.

In winter, we must remember about protection, especially head protection. It is the head through which a lot of body heat escapes. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of fur hats for the whole family, which are not only fashionable and elegant, but also very warm.

Aviator hats are most fashionable during this season, which protect and also warm our ears together with big fur hats and extravagant pompoms.

We do not present all of the models we produce, because there are too many of them. Every year, we introduce several new styles of hats. We invite you to find out more about our offer. The choice is yours, remember – the more fur, the more fashionable!

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Black, black + anthracite, black + gold fox, Black + raccoon dog, black + snowtop black, black + snowtop brown, black + white fox


L (58-59 cm), M (56-57 cm), XL (60-61 cm)