SILVER fur Shoes overlays



SILVER fur Shoes overlays

Fur overlays for shoes made of natural fox fur, put on shoes. Topped with a rubber band that keeps the overlays on shoes and from the bottom finished with a rubber band pulled on the heel of the shoe. Beautiful overlays are perfect for diversifying any winter stylization, making it original and unique. Universal size.

Beautiful, natural fur that you can decorate your own shoes – now it is possible! Stand out with stylization, through extraordinary accessories like this one. Winter does not have to be boring. Colorful fur on your legs will surely make you feel beautiful and attractive. The fur overlays for shoes are not only the original decoration. Due to its natural properties it perfectly warms the leg. So if you’re looking for something that will keep you warm even at very low temperatures – fur shoes will be a great idea. At the same time, they will spice up your outfit – you can change the overlays depending on your mood.

Overlays for fur shoes are one of the many proposals of Luka-Pelli. Actually leather and fur accessories make the outfit complete and unique. Buy a fashionable fur or leather gadget: leather gloves, pompom hats, hats, fluffy fur collars, fluffy earmuffs, keyrings for handbags and keys, a fox ponytail or a phone case and show your character and temperament in the best style, and not only in winter.
Although it is known that it in winter furs dominate, because there is no winter without fur. Do not refuse its warmth and pleasant tickling because autumn and winter look simply can not do without them. Additionaly, their reliable warmth guarantees that winter will not be terrible, because fur and leather accessories are not only super fashionable, but also very practical.
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