Men's waistcoats

When the outdoor temperatures fall at a rapid pace, and after the summer there are only pleasant memories – it’s time to enrich your wardrobe with a warm outerwear. Men’s vest seems to be the best solution, because it is not yet a time of bitter cold weather, when we protect ourselves from penetrating through the frost, or sunny summer, when the t-shirt is enough as the sole covering. The men’s vest is a great idea for those men who value comfort. Each of the available models has a sewn-in zipper, thanks to which the material can be moved apart at any time. When it gets warmer you can open the vest, and when the temperature drops again – just slide the zipper and enjoy the warmth again. An additional advantage that some of our men’s vests have is their warming. The lining is made of a pleasant fur to ensure comfort in any situation.

Men’s leather vests are available in our offer in various variants. Men who value classic cut and minimalism will be delighted with the model WŁODEK, which includes all these features. Available designs are distinguished by a design that is economical in form, making the WŁODEK men’s vests universal.

Another classic collection is the BOSS men’s leather vests for the winter season. They also have a warmed collar that will protect the neck from cold and eliminate the need for additional accessories in the form of a scarf. Winter models are also equipped with pockets. In the upper part, two of them were placed in parallel, finished with a lock. They are all outside. In the lower part of the vest sewn two more, in which you can hide your hands frozen in winter.

The last collection of vests is the summer series. The products are made of high quality leather, which looks great in the form of a cover. The lining is made of polyester. What distinguishes the summer collection is primarily the visual and practical aspects. Vests have more pockets, so that their owner can easily fit the most essential items that will remain at your fingertips. The pockets have a zipper so that no little thing can get lost.

Men’s vests are made by hand, except for small machine inserts. In addition, our products are 100% Polish production that uses the best quality materials. Available in several color options, with the possibility of sewing for individual orders.

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