Women's earmuffs

A great alternative to traditional hats are fur earmuffs. If for some reason you do not want to wear hats, you are looking for some interesting replacement or you just like to change styling accessories, then you’ve found the perfect one. Earmuffs with fur have been the leader among fashion accessories for several years. They work well for women who do not want to destroy the effective hairstyle, and at the same time want to protect their ears from the cold and wind. They do not cover the face, they only add charm and style. Wearing fur earmuffs, each woman becomes original and trendy without much effort. Enhancing styling, protection against external factors, and even preventing distortion of hairstyles – this is not the end of this add-on. Women especially appreciate the comfort of use. Fur earmuffs are light, do not give the impression of pressure so you can wear them all day long.

You are not sure where to put on ear muffs? There is no reason to worry. This supplement replaces your hat, so you can use them in the same situations you would use your hat. Ear muffs will fit both as a daily addition to going shopping, with friends to the cinema or skiing. Comfort is the only determinant here. Although the aesthetic element is not insignificant.

In our offer, we offer earmuffs made of natural fur. In addition, they are equipped with the possibility of adjusting the size, so you can adjust the model to suit your needs. What distinguishes us is a 100% Polish product, made mostly by hand, in addition to small machine inserts. Our products are available in many color options, which allows you to adjust earmuffs for different styles and even hair color.

We offer classic black as well as pink, fashionable burgundy or green. Everyone will certainly find something interesting for themselves. Some models have an additional insulated band, thanks to which the model creates a coherent whole, the others are connected with a black headband.

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