Women's fur collars

Fur collars give chic to old coats, no matter whether they are small or large. This one detail can make the wardrobe change beyond recognition. The interest in artificial furs has also been noticed in recent years. Especially in the autumn season they very often appear on fashion runs in various incarnations.

Fur collars can be loved or hated. A woman in this piece of clothing, however, can not be denied chic or feminine expression. However, a great art is the skillful combination of the whole stylization with a fur collar. It is worth emphasizing this element of clothing all dress. Hairy collars will look great even in jackets. Even the most denim katanas will be able to get a note of eccentricity in combination with this addition. It can be successfully sewn into your favorite model, thus changing its face.

Fur collars will not only bring innovation to everyday outfits, but will help you stand out from the crowd. Some types of collars may even introduce a note of controversy. This item of clothing allows you to present yourself in unusual combinations. A woman can show her sporty and even bad style in this way. There is also no problem to keep stylizations in a consistent color scheme. However, it can not be overcharged.

A woman dressed in a fur collar will present herself avant-garde and original. This is a very good way to get ahead of the row.

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