Women's fur waistcoats

In our online store we sell fur vests, which have recently become a fashion craze. Nobody said that the autumn-winter season is a period when it is impossible to create a smashing creation! We assure you that a vest with fur from our offer will be a great outfit, which in addition will take care of the comfort and proper body temperature of the user.

Here you will find zipped fur vests in various styles, with hood and without, and even those that can be tied with a string of pompons. As for the variants available, it is not possible to list all the designs here. They will be subtle tank tops with short bristles, but also a puffed vest with fur that can be tightly clothed. In addition, a very large number of color options will certainly allow you to choose the most suitable variant that will fit well with the rest of the outfit.

All vests available in our store were made of natural and certified fur of exclusively European origin. I will include Tuscan grain and sheepskin or Spanish merino, which in the furrier industry are considered the highest quality materials. Thanks to this fur vests are dense and warm, and the surface is delicate and pleasant to the touch. Depending on the model, the lining can be made of satin, have additional pockets, pompons with strings etc. It is certainly the best possible choice, so we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of fur vests, which is available in our online store.

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