Women's leather hats

The Luka-Pelli brand has a wide range of headwear for the whole family, made of natural fur and leather. Fashionable women’s hats are popular in the winter season: pilots, toques, tassels, roofers and trappers.

Among the particularly recommended models is the women’s pilot hat. It is a universal and timeless fashion suitable for women of all ages. It is made of silver fox fur, while the head is made of colored full grain leather. Women’s hats with this cut are characterized by high functionality and a variety of ways to wear them – an option that allows you to attach straps at the back, which raises the ears of the hat up. Their interior is padded with a soft lining, which further protects the head against heat loss. This model is available in many designs and colors as well as four basic sizes. Additional adjustment is provided by the puller at the back. This cut also appears as a fur hat, made entirely of this high quality, natural material. The most common types are rabbit fur, raccoon dog or silver fox. This type of winter women’s hat is available in many colors, and the distinctive element is always fashionable and liked pompoms.

Women’s winter fur hats offered by our store are characterized by great care for aesthetics and fashionable design. Due to the high quality of materials used, they fit any chic client, regardless of age. A popular example of such a universal elegance is a toque fur cap presented on our website. It is made of fox fur, and originality gives it a natural putty.

Women’s leather hats may be represented by the popular model of teddybear. These are headgear consisting of a combination of materials, predominantly made of leather (usually lambskin or sheepskin). In the middle are lined with short-cut sheep’s wool. It is worth mentioning that the leather used to manufacture them comes from Poland in one hundred percent. These are the highest quality materials, pleasant to the touch, resistant to mechanical damage and long-lasting heat. Our products are made with great attention to detail, combining hand and machine sewing.

We strive to ensure that our offer corresponds to the needs of our clients, which is why we are constantly expanding the assortment with new designs, styles and at the same time taking care to maximize the aesthetic value of a given type of material.

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