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Manufacturer Luka Pelli – leather and fur products for women, men and children

Leather products for women, men and children of high quality and attention to detail are offered by the garment manufacturer Luka-Pelli. Our offer includes such fashionable and comfortable to wear items of clothing as a women’s sheepskin coat or fur and leather vests, as well as practical accessories: handbags, gloves, ear muffs and hats. A manufacturer of leather and fur products offers the highest quality clothes, fully tailored to the individual needs of customers. At their special request, we make clothes made according to the given dimensions and colors that suit our customers.

There is no other piece of clothing that protects against the cold as well as women’s sheepskin coats. The Luka-Pelli online store offers clothing of this type made of lambskin, soft and delicate to the touch, and extremely light to wear. The impregnated leather surface of thewomen’s sheepskin coat protects it against dirt and moisture, and the beautiful, wide hood can easily replace the cap and prevent heat from escaping through the head. The return to natural materials has also caused a renaissance in the popularity of clothing such as women’s sheepskin coats. The Luka-Pelli online store allows you to choose them in the appropriate colors: warm beige or brown, timeless black or elegant white or eye-catching red. The varied thickness of the skins used to sew the garments means that the offered clothes can be worn both in autumn and winter, effectively protecting against the cold, and be worn on cooler summer evenings.

Leather products for women, men and children offered in our store are sewn in Poland, and we use the highest quality materials from breeding in Spain or Finland to finish them. Original details and careful workmanship make Luka-Pelli clothing perfect for both casual everyday stylizations and fashionable boho-style sets.

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